MSI President and CEO Charles Chiang Has Passed Away

MSI President and CEO Charles Chiang Has Passed Away

MSI, a company which brought in many amazing products throughout the ages has faced the tragic loss of their CEO Charles Chiang at the age of 56.

The death however has occurred under circumstances that arise many questions and has been turned into a matter of police investigation thus far. The Twaiwanese media has reported that the death of Mr Chiang has been caused due to a fall from a building which led to a head injury.

Sheng-Chang Chiang took over MSI in January last year and was known to have established the gaming brand of the company with and leading the company’s venture into PC oriented gaming equipment such as motherboards and graphics cards as the head of Desktop Computing business.

We share our utmost condolences to the family of Sheng-Chang Chiang and MSI.

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Published at Tue, 07 Jul 2020 13:59:35 +0000

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