Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Location

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Location

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular open-world RPG titles of 2020. Released in late September, miHoYo’s title managed to quickly rise in popularity in only a few weeks despite facing some controversies in the initial stages.

The game features a vast open world and rewards players who explore it. Other than various items found across the map, the Shrine of Depths can be found in several locations of Mondstadt and give incredible rewards to players who manage to find them.

Shrine of Depths Locations

Here are all the locations for the Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt:

  • Near Brightcrown Canyon, travel towards the north of the teleportation portal to find the first Shrine.
  • Move towards the south of the portal near Cecilia Garden in Wolvendom to find the second Shrine.
  • From the Statue of The Seven near Dawn Vinery, move along the cliff to find the third Shrine.
  • The fourth Shrine lies above a huge stone wall near Mondstadt Windwail Highland in Springvale.
  • Near the Temple of the Lion, head towards the east to find the fifth Shrine.
  • From the same area, go west to find the sixth Shrine.
  • Once you find the sixth Shrine, start going south and jump over a cliff to find the seventh Shrine.
  • In the Stormbearer mountains, use the Mondstadt Starfell Valley Teleportation Portal and move towards northwest of the region to find the eighth Shrine.
  • The ninth shrine is situated near the Starsnatch Cliff. You have to climb the wall next to the Midsummer Courtyard teleportation portal and head towards the top edge. From the top edge, you can jump down to find the Shrine.
  • Use the Statue of The Seven teleportation portal in Dawn Winery and go southwest until you arrive at a waterfall. You have to jump over this waterfall and keep moving forward till you find the tenth Shrine of Depths.

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