Valorant Sage buff incoming in patch 1.13

Valorant Sage buff incoming in patch 1.13

Sage is one of the most popular agents in Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant. Not only does she have an incredible heal for her entire team, she can also slow down enemy rushes and block off areas of a map entirely through her wall. Not to mention she has one of the most incredible ultimates in the entire game – Resurrection.

Due to widespread complaints from the Valorant player base about Sage being overpowered, the developers showered her down with a bunch of nerfs across multiple patches. This time however, it looks like the Chinese agent is about to receive some love from the devs, as they have confirmed that Sage is about to receive some much needed buffs in new Valorant update i.e. new Valorant patch notes 1.13.

After Riot rendered Sage unable to cast her wall pre-round in attempts to prevent Omen abusing it with its teleport, the devs confirmed that this change would stick with her in the future. Alongside that, Riot further confirmed that the next update will hit Sage with a buff in her Barrier.

“We have a small balance change planned to put a little power back into her barrier,” Riot said in a tweet.

Published at Thu, 03 Dec 2020 00:16:02 +0000

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