Mousesports’ CSGO roster to invest in new, unproven talent for the 2021 season

Mousesports’ CSGO roster to invest in new, unproven talent for the 2021 season

January 17, 2021

The horizon is clear as it can be for the Mousesports squad. After months of rumours regarding the team’s captain jumping ship, the organization is now getting ready to replace him.

It’s no surprise that Finn “karrigan” Andersen is not planning to renew his contract with Mouz. However, Chris “ChrisJ” Jong also seems to be missing from the team’s future plans.

Now, insiders have spoken and we already have an idea of what’s to come for Mousesports. What is happening with the team? Who are the rumoured players? This, and more, below.

Karrigan and ChrisJ’s run with Mousesports in 2020

Karrigan was brought as the In-Game Leader for Mousesports in 2019

Back in 2019, Mousesports announced plans to renew its then disappointing roster. Bringing ex-FaZe Clan Karrigan to lead the team took some time to show results – but it did.

The squad won the Asia Championships 2019, ESL Pro League Season 10 and then cs_summit 5 in late 2019. Back then, Mousesports was looking unstoppable coming into 2020.

However, Mousesports fortune didn’t pan out as expected. Clearly, the team was impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and failed to impress. Winning a single event during the whole 2020, Mousesports had a complicated year.

As the year came to a close and the roster performance didn’t change much, rumors started. Pointed out by many known insiders in the Counter-Strike scene, FaZe Clan is interested in bringing Karrigan back.

ChrisJ situation is a bit different. The Dutch player has been a long-time played for the squad. However, he has been benched more than once, and his performance levels are concerning.

The rumored new players

Dexter enjoyed unexpected success in his last two teams

According to trustworthy leaks, Mousesports is looking to bring Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand and Chris “dexter” Nong to their ranks.

acoR is a Danish player currently playing for MAD Lions. The 23-year-old AWPer boasts a HLTV Rating 2.0 of 1.18 and has been a top performer for his current squad.

As for Dexter, he is an Australian player, well-known for his sprints in Grayhounds and Renegades. Most recently, he led Renegades to a three-tournament win streak, including ESL Pro League Season 12 Oceania.

With this setup, acoR will be replacing ChrisJ as the team’s main AWPer, while Dexter will take the lead role. This means that this player swap won’t require in-depth changes in the current team structure.

However, it’s expected that as soon as the deal comes through, the new team captain starts designing a new game plan.

Can the new players fit the shoes of Karrigan and ChrisJ?

Karrigan and ropz were both essential for Mousesports potential

The short answer is that we have a very powerful duo with Dexter and acoR – unproven – but promising.

In ChrisJ’s case, his performance was often disappointing for a team which aims to reach the best in the world. acoR, in the other hand, has been having great performances, and Mouz will definitely benefit from having an impactful fifth player.

Now, Karrigan’s situation is more difficult. For one, it’s a shame that his full potential in Mouz couldn’t be reached due to the pandemic.

And then, we must consider that his replacement wasn’t planned by Mouz. If the sources are right, he and FaZe came to an agreement, so the move comes from him.

Dexter, his replacement, has clearly shown that he is able to led a team. However, he has never been out of his comfort zone: the Australian scene. Leading a team with a world-class player like “ropz” will clearly put some pressure on him.

Overall, it’s hard to disagree with “ChrisJ” being replaced. Then, since Karrigan wants to move out, Mouz doesn’t have much to do, and in the positive side, they are bringing new talent to the spotlight.

More teams are betting on new talent

FNATIC is the latest team to announce an relatively unknown player to their main roster

If there’s one factor that held many squads in the past, is the lack of new players. “Recycling” players negatively impacted many teams, and even entire regional scenes for years.

Coming in 2021, many teams fortunately have shown to be taking an initiative much like Mousesports. Investing on less-known, unproven players, which will definitely be beneficial on the long-run.

The coming months are going to be a great show of new lineups that are betting in less known players. FNATIC, MiBR, FURIA and others have already signed new contracts and will be playing very soon.

Mousesports, particularly, should have everything set by mid-March and it shouldn’t be long before we see their new roster on action.

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